Prevention is an integral part of our practice and simply means care and treatment of the teeth and gums. Thorough examinations and professional cleanings allow us to identify problem areas and stop disease. In order to maintain good oral health, average patient needs to be seen at least once a year for check-up. Some people should visit their dentist two to four times a year. Especially important is plaque and tartar removal on regular basis. Plaque is a soft, sticky deposit of bacteria that constantly forms on teeth. It causes tooth decay and gum disease. Unremoved plaque contributes to the formation of calculus, also called tartar, a hardened substance that makes keeping your teeth clean very difficult.

Studies show that calculus begins to accumulate on teeth between 90 and 120 days after professional cleaning. We would like to see and follow up every patient twice a year. Many patients benefit from dental office visits that are more frequent than every six months, especially those who do not floss daily.